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What makes the Paid To Surf concept possible? A valuable asset which you and you alone control is your time and attention.  Companies that produce goods and services need consumers like you and me to use their products and services. They spend billions of dollars on advertisements to attract some of our time and attention.  Paid To Surf provides us a method to receive direct cash benefit for giving our time and attention. You already receive indirect benefits from advertising dollars every day.  It is advertising dollars that pay to produce and broadcast TV shows.  You receive these programs whether entertainment, news, or sporting events for free.  Actually your time and attention to the commericials is the price you pay for these television shows.  This is also true of magazines and newspapers where the price you pay for these items is significantly lower because advertising dollars are used to pay most of the costs.

How does Paid To Surf work?
  The Paid To Surf programs sell advertising space on the banner that will be on your computer monitor.  They have a very low cost to deliver these ads to hundreds of thousands and even millions of members.  The profits are then passed on to the members either by paying them a percentage of the ad revenue or a flat rate per hour for having the banners displayed.

For your part you are required to be connected to the internet to provide a way for the ads to be sent to you and for you to visit the advertisers you find interesting.  Some programs require you to be actively surfing.   With many you can get paid while you are working on your desktop.  At this very moment I have five banners running so I am being paid to edit this webpage. 

How much will I earn?  First let me say do not be fooled into thinking these programs are a way to get rich quick.  If that is what you want then this is not it.  Sorry.  To answer the question though there are different approaches to take on these programs.

1.  No effort at all approach.  If you join one or two programs, refer no new members and just surf 30-50 hours per month you will make at least $20-$30 per month.  
2.  A little bit of spare time effort.  If you join 4 or 5 programs and tell some friends and relatives about the Paid To Surf concept you will build a small downline which will grow as the people you refer in turn refer a few others and so on.  You won't get rich but you will start getting checks that will get a bit larger as your downline grows.  You could easily be making $100 or more per month with only minimal effort.

3. The every spare moment maximum effort approach.  For this you need to join all the good programs  If you actively pursue referrals using a website and many of the ideas from the "REFERRALS" page you can make thousands of dollars per month.  I am personally making several thousand every month and that amount is growing every month.  If you already have a website with a lot of traffic you are already have a running start.  I didn't in fact I was clueless on making a webpage when I first got involved with Paid To Surf.

Is this a scam?
Absolutely not.  Members of these programs have already begun receiving checks.  All the money comes from advertisers.  You are being paid for you time and attention plus your efforts in getting others to become members too. 

Should i use cheat programs? There are many different cheat programs for Paid to Surf companies floating around the web. Don't use any of them! There are several reasons not to.

1)Companies such as AllAdvantage and Spedia have gotten very good at detecting these cheat programs. When they detect that you are using a cheat program, your account will be canceled. Tons of accounts have already been canceled for this reason.
2)You are committing fraud! When you sign up for a Paid to Surf company, you agree not to fraudulently accumulate or inflate time by using any sort of artificial means. By defrauding AllAdvantage or another company, you will be liable for lawsuits.
3)Cheating hurts everyone by lowering payout rates. When you use a cheat program, you lower the quality of responses that advertisers receive, thereby lowering the advertising revenues that Paid to Surf companies can generate. This lowers payout rates for everyone.